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About Us

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    Visit our homepage to learn about the products we provide and start a travel insurance quote.

  • About Us

    Find out more about by reading our ‘About Us’ page.

  • Contact Us

    Want to get in touch with us? See our telephone numbers as well as email and office address.

  • FAQs

    Check our FAQs for answers to the most frequently asked questions about travel insurance.

  • Your Policy

    Get instant access to your policy for easy renewal, upgrade or to make amends to your cover.

  • Affiliates

    Read more on how to become an affiliate partner of and sell our products on your website.

  • Terms of Business

    Learn the general terms under which Blue Insurance trading as provides insurance business services.

  • Privacy Policy

    See how we collect data and make sure your privacy and personal information is always protected.

Travel Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

    Find out more details about Travel Insurance, the different policies available, how it works and what it has you covered for.

  • Annual Travel Insurance

    Learn more about Annual Travel Insurance, which covers you for unlimited trips within one year.

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance

    Read about Single Trip Travel Insurance. This covers you on a one-off trip for the selected dates of travel only.

  • Multitrip Travel Insurance

    Learn about Multitrip Travel Insurance.

  • Family Travel Insurance

    See how Family Travel Insurance works and how you can get a better deal when travelling with kids.

  • Travel Insurance for Over 70s

    Read on Travel Insurance for over 70s and find out more about available cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Travel Insurance for Children

    See how you can get under 18 covered on our Travel Insurance for Children page as well as what it covers them for.

Travel Insurance Guide

  • Cheap Travel Insurance

    Find out more details about Travel Insurance, the different policies available and what it has you covered for.

  • Compare Travel Insurance

    Compare the three travel insurance types available: Single Trip, Multitrip and Backpacker.

  • Holiday Insurance

    Find out more details about Holiday Insurance, the different policies available and what it has you covered for.

  • Travel Insurance Coronavirus FAQ

    Review some essential advice on travel insurance and COVID-19 Pandemic.

Optional Cover

  • Ski Insurance

    See more details about optional Winter Sports cover. It provides cover for a wide range of winter sports, including skiing and snowboarding.

  • Travel Disruption Cover

    Find out more details about optional Travel Disruption cover. Available for extra cover in the event of natural disasters, strikes and more. and flight cancellations.

Popular Destinations

Policy Information

  • Policy Documents

    Find all terms and conditions of the travel insurance products we provide in the Policy Documents. We recommend that you read them before buying a policy.

  • Make a Claim

    See how you can make a claim on your travel insurance.

  • Medical Conditions

    Check which pre-existing medical conditions are included as standard on Travel Insurance.


  • Blog

    Visit our blog homepage to find content on travel insurance tips, tricks, hacks and destination guides.

  • Travel Destinations

    See some content on travel destinations gathered in this section.

  • Travel Insurance Tips

    Read some top tips to improve your travel experience.

  • Travel Hacks

    Learn more about some hacks that will make you a better traveller.

  • Competitions

    Check out our competitions and join them for a chance to win great prizes.