Every year, new destinations begin to become popular with travelers. Places that would have previously been ignored, suddenly become hugely popular! With this in mind, this week we’ve decided to put together a list of countries that we feel are up and coming!




Located just east of Venice and north of Croatia, Slovenia has become a popular destination due to its beautiful nature and value for money. The beauty of Lake Bled and its capital city Ljubljana has made it the ideal location for people who are inter railing or backpacking on a budget across Europe. The area around Bled (below) is also a hot spot for adventure sports so be sure to check out 3glav Adventures while you’re there for some madness!



Sri Lanka

Located just south of India, Sri Lanka is a popular stop off for travelers on their way from India to South East Asia. Travel by train across through the dense jungles before taking in the stunning beaches the country has to offer. Visit the tea plantations to get a real insight into the culture on an organised trip or with a tour group.




Despite Donald Trumps recent efforts to curtail the freedom of movement with Cuba,  American tourists have began to visit Cuba in their droves. This means that the country is entering into a huge era of change. As tourism continues to grow, there is a mood that the old ways of the culture will begin to fade. This is why people consistently say that Cuba is a place you must see sooner rather than later.




A place famous for its volcanoes and Mayan history, Gautemala is one of the most unique countries on this list. It can be a popular place for backpackers as it is very cheap and bridges the gap from the USA to South America. This means that there is a huge amount of budget hostels with stunning views like below!



Seoul, South Korea

The capital city of South Korea, Seoul is like stepping into the future with its high tech subways and skyscrapers. It is also one of the most westernized countries in Asia. With its cultures being deeply rooted in Buddhism, there are plenty of temples to explore before you head off to a K-Pop night in the cities colorful clubs and bars.



Bosnia and Herzegovina

One of the lesser thought of locations in Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina is often overlooked despite its beauty. Located in the Balkans, the country is the perfect mix of East and West which makes for a unique cultural experience. Its capital city of Sarajevo is home to a beautiful old town where you can enjoy a cheap coffee and kebab in the sunshine.



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