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Travelling With Pets Hassle Free

Travelling with pets can be a daunting experience for animal lovers. Separating from your animal companion during travel  can seem like a heavy task. A lot of animal owners aren’t aware that there are certain procedures that must be followed before jetting off. Stay on top of things with this handy guide.

Travelling with pets within the EU

You can bring your pets to and from the EU (along with many other countries) without need for quarantine.

Firstly, you need have your pet micro chipped. They must also have a valid Pet Passport. If you are not sure how to get a pet passport your vet can assist you with this.

Beyond that the rules for travelling with pets can vary from country to country. They are also subject to change. Always keep an eye on the  Department of Agriculture website where you can find all the necessary information

Travelling with pets within Europe

Travelling with a pet within EU and non EU European countries requires your pet be vaccinated from rabies at least 21 days prior to travel. The vaccine will need to be up to date by regular vaccinations. Consult your vet for information on how regularly your pet needs to be vaccinated.

In the case of dogs. If you are travelling back to Ireland from the mainland EU, they will need to be seen by a vet between 1 and 5 days prior to returning back to Ireland. There will be proof of this on your Pet Passport. This is to prevent a particular type of tapeworm.

When travelling between Ireland and The UK, there is no requirement for tapeworm treatment for dogs. Both countries are free of this parasite, but your pet does still need a Pet Passport to travel between Ireland/The UK

Travelling with pets to the rest of the world

In the case of certain low risk countries outside Europe, the same requirements apply (micro chipped, vaccination 3 weeks before entry etc.)

All other countries outside of the list are classified as ‘high risk’. For entry to these countries your pet will require a blood test to be done at least 30 days after the rabies vaccination. This is to ensure the vaccine is effective. Along with this, your pet can not travel back to Ireland/The UK until 3 months after the date of the blood test. Again regularly check the Department of Agriculture website for any changes in this policy.

The rule of thumb is that the importing country sets the rules for travelling with pets. For full clarification, it is recommended you consult with their embassy or Department of Agriculture. The appropriate authorities will send you the information needed prior to travel.

Prepare for yourself also

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