Earlier this year, we conducted our annual travel survey on Irish holiday goer’s trends and behaviours. We asked the usual questions about where people were going, how much money they’d plan to spend and whether they’d be purchasing travel insurance. The insights we gathered were an invaluable look at some of the figures behind Irish people’s holidays and what motivates the holiday choices they make.


An image of a beach with holiday goers resting on it. Our survey found that we are most likely to go on a sun holiday.


The questions weren’t all simply for statistical insights, we also asked our customers about the way they behave before, during and after their holidays. How many of us have taken our kids out of school for a holiday? Would you ever over pack a bag in the hopes you’ll get away with it? We wanted to see if we could spot any trends and patterns in behavior that may be common to a lot of us. Here’s some of the results to some of our unorthodox questions:



On concluding our survey, it’s clear that for the most part, we like to play by the rules. However, it’s also possible that we could be too ashamed to admit what we really get up to. When asked about our drinking habits and behaviors, it appears we are a lot more relaxed and open when it comes to talking about our alcohol consumption! With 46% of us admitting to drinking between 6-10+ nights while away on holiday, it’s clear that the sun, sights and culture aren’t the only things we’re eager to immerse ourselves in on foreign shores.


An image of two people making a cheers gesture with their cocktail glasses in the sun. Our travel survey revealed some interesting insights into our drinking habits abroad


Want to know more? You can find out all of the facts and figures from our survey by reading the rest of our results.

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