As we increasingly live our lives online, travel no longer has to be a solitary experience. We now travel in part to share with the world what we see. Staying connected to home and our online communities means that increasingly, world travelers are relying on gadgets. Many people who now make a living while traveling full time can be known as “digital nomads”. Forbes describes these people as “having no boundaries or borders to abide to, while being able to live and work from anywhere in the world”.

However, living and working anywhere in the world does provide its own challenges. The main one of these is staying connected with the click of a button. This is why there has been a massive growth in the travel tech market over recent years. We’ve trawled through countless tech and travel blogs to bring to you our top travel gadgets that will keep you connected as you move from one exotic location to another.

Plug Adaptor:

Not exactly a revolutionary product in 2017 but it is still an essential starting point for any traveler. Phones, cameras, laptops, drones and other gadgets will all need to be kept running and so a decent collection of adapters is essential. Today, there are plenty of different high tech options to choose from too. This little beauty that we’ve found on Amazon looks like something from a space ship and has more than enough! Safe to say that this will have you more than covered no matter where you go.

Image of a travel power adapter. Adapters and chargers are essential gadgets for traveling.

Portable Battery Charger:

Even with your futuristic high tech adapter, chances are you will encounter periods of your travel where you will be unable to reach a mains to even use it! For this you should always pack a Portable Power Bank with you. We’ve all seen the smaller pocket version of these for your phones at shop counters, but we’re talking about the real deal here! The RAVPower 22000mAh power bank is a must buy! Simply charge it alongside your other gadgets whenever you’re near a mains and it will be ready to charge an Iphone 6s up to 9 times and in a quicker time than conventional chargers! You can also charge up to three phones or USB compatible gadgets at a time.

Image of portable power bank gadget

GoPro Hero:

One of the most popular items for modern day travelers is The GoPro or similar action camera products. They allow you to shoot both high quality video, audio and images while also fitting in your pocket. These are perfect for any travelers out there who don’t want to spend their time lugging a big camera or video camera around. With its series of accessories that are available, you can shoot footage from the air, underwater, while cycling, running, hiking etc and create immersive video that really transports people into your experiences. The GoPro itself can be pricey at around €400 but some other models start from as little as €50.

Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Traveling can be a very loud experience at times. Airplanes, bus journeys, busy streets and loud hostels can all start to drive a person mad after a few weeks on the go. This is why noise cancelling headphones are a must. To get a good quality pair, you must be willing to spend a decent amount of money. However, when you’re lying in a 16 bed dorm just off the main party street of a foreign city, they’ll have been more than worth it. The very best ones also provide great sound quality which will be essential for podcasts or music during some of the quieter nights or bus journeys. Here’s a list of the top 10 models available for 2017 from

Image of man wearing headphones as train speeds past.

Wireless portable speaker:

Having just invested your money on a pair of decent noise cancelling headphones, the idea of paying money for a set of Bluetooth speakers may seem counter intuitive. However, they are known as “friend makers” in hostels around the world and for good reason. Having one ready for any party or activity will allow you to mingle a lot easier and start to make friendships. They’re also great for when you’re just by the pool or hanging around parks etc. Again, this is not something you want to buy cheap so we recommend purchasing a decent model from a company like JBL.

Anti Theft Products:

Being a victim of pickpockets or losing items can put a real dampener on your traveling. Being hyper aware of your surroundings and keeping your valuables close are all precautions that should be taken no matter where you are. However, we have come a long way from the humble “fanny pac”. Even though these are still widely used, there are now a wealth of gadgets and backpack products to protect your valuables from theft or loss.  For example, this small backpack would be perfect as a main carry on as it contains multiple different compartments and it’s zips are not exposed to the outside. It also contains an external USB port so you can charge your phone from your power bank while on the move!

Image of a man wearing a travelers backpack

Whether you’re traveling for a week with friends or heading off on a round the world trip, these gadgets will allow you to stay safe, connected and most importantly active on social media, making sure nobody forgets how great a time you’re having!

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