Multrips favourite travel bloggers in the UK and Ireland

Blogging is big! It’s huge and people all over the world are writing about all sorts of subjects and topics. One of the most popular topics is, of course, travel!

People love to read, watch and hear about far off places, getting there and what to do when they arrive. There are those lucky few who make a living from writing about their travel adventures. So aside from being quite jealous, we would like to highlight some of the ones we think are great. So we have put together a list of our favourites. Here is a list of the best and the brightest of travel bloggers in the UK and Ireland.

Our Top 5 Irish Travel Bloggers

The Travel ExpertThe Travel Expert featured in the MultiTrip Top Travel bloggers

The Travel Expert is the travel blog of Sarah Slattery. Based in Dublin, Sarah has a wealth of experience in travel having worked in the travel industry for over twenty years. Scouring the web, Sarah finds the best deals around for her visitors covering all sorts of destinations and publishes them in her weekly newsletter to almost 2000 subscribers. You can sign up here. Alongside this she offers excellent travel advice and features regularly on both TV and radio as The Travel Expert. Having visited over fifty countries and counting, The Travel Expert has only been established for twelve months but is definitely making a mark in the world of travel blogging and has already been nominated and shortlisted in three different sets of blog awards. We love it and definitely think it is one to watch bookmark!


Disrupting the Rabblement by Niall Doherty

Disrupting The Rabblement featured in the MultiTrip Top Travel bloggers

Niall Doherty spent forty four months travelling around the world and did it all without getting on an airplane. His overland travels saw him visit thirty seven countries in all. Now based in Amsterdam as a software developer and web designer, Niall has written an ebook about his travels called The Cargo Ship Diaries. He wrote posts and did a video log whilst travelling and you can check it all out here.


Fluent in 3 Months

Fluent In Three Months featured in the MultiTrip Top Travel bloggers

Though Benny Lewis’s site is mainly aimed at those interested in learning another language, it inadvertently morphed into a travel blog. How? Well Benny made it his purpose in life to travel from country to country and changing continents every three months. He did so to prove that one can become reasonably proficient in another language in that time.  Featured in National Geographic, on the BBC and in The New York Times, Benny is a full-time globe trotter, keynote speaker and the author of the best-selling book -“Fluent in 3 Months”. Oh, and he speaks seven languages by the way!

The Whole World Is A Playground

The World Is A Playground featured in the MultiTrip Top Travel bloggers

A lot of travel blogs on the internet tend to show travelers how to travel economically. David and Elaine McCardles blog is a little different! They write about the finer things in ones travelling life. You know, the finer hotels, the best restaurants, the flights and airport lounges and all the experiences they have in between. Both have full-time jobs but still manage to squeeze the most out of the vacation time they have. They spent a year travelling back to Ireland from New York City as glamorous backpackers or as we like to term it – ‘FlashPackers’ 🙂 Their blog motto sums it up really:- “Discovering the world in style, one trip at a time”. Check out their blog.


Journalist On the Run

Journalist On The Run featured in the MultiTrip Top Travel bloggers



‘Journalist on the Run’ is the blog of happy-go-lucky traveler, Janet Newenham. Her travel goal is to visit fifty countries before she is thirty but she has already managed forty six so not too many to go. Having had a post picked up and published in the Huffington Post UK, Janet continues to write articles on destinations visited and travel tips she has picked up along the way.



Our Top 5 UK Travel Bloggers


VickyFlipFlop featured in the MultiTrip Top Travel bloggers
The elusive ‘Vicky’ has been writing her travel blog for three years now covering everything from weekends away to long term travel. Writing mostly for girls, Vicky is a travel writer and a self-professed adventurer. Having visited over forty countries and written multiple posts on each destination, Vicky offers great advice for travellers and also on festival going too. She not only writes about travel but also offers great advice to the budding travel blogger on how to get started and then (possibly) making some money while you’re at it. We love Vicky and her flip flops too.


The Travel Hack


The Travel Hackers featured in the MultiTrip Top Travel bloggers
The Travel Hack is a terrific blog! It is as simple as that. Started by Monica in 2009, when she headed off on her travels from the UK to explore the southern hemisphere. Since then the blog has grown and Monica now blogs professionally. There are several other contributors to the blog now. From freelance writers to travel bloggers, all have a wide and varied view of travelling the world. The post content is wide and varied with everything from packing tips to epic adventures to the best travel hacks and even tips for travelling with a baby. This is a wide and varied blog with lots of content, definitely check it out.



A Lady in London

A Lady In London featured in the MultiTrip Top Travel bloggers

A lady in London is the award winning travel blog of London-based Californian, Julie Falconer. Julie started writing her blog in 2007 and now has logged visits to over 100 countries. The blog became a commercial venture for Julie when in January 2010, she began blogging full-time. Now ranked by Yahoo at number three in travel blogs section, it offers travelogues and reviews with gorgeous photography and videos. The blog is aimed at affluent travellers. With over 38,000 visitors to the blog every month, A Lady In London is obviously giving people what they want!


A Luxury Travel Blog

A Luxury Travel Blog featured in top travel bloggers

You might have thought that travel blogging was only written by ladies, but no! One of the most popular travel blogs in the UK is brought to us by Dr. Paul Johnson and claims to be “Like no other travel blog”. As the name would suggest, the blog tends to focus on the finer things in your travel life, featuring luxury hotels and the best of restaurants. The blog features articles from many diverse destinations and shows the vast extent of Dr. Johnsons travels over the past 25 years, as well as tips on the ‘art’ of travelling.

Mrs O Around The World

Mrs O Around The World featured in top travel bloggers

Another luxury blog, this time by Ana Silva O’Reilly. Originally from Lisbon in Portugal, Ana is now permanently based in the UK. An avid traveller, she follows a motto that we love; “if you are leaving home, it has to be to a better place.” Her blog has been shortlisted numerous times as a top travel blogger and now she can add us to that list! She writes that the blog is “renowned for sharing destinations and insights in to the best places around the world.” We wholeheartedly agree!

We think all of the above will ignite the travel bug in you. Whether you choose to travel by land, sea or air, carrying a backpack or luxury luggage, we think travel is a fantastic! We hope that you agree that there are many places to see and memories to make. Travel Insurance can provide cover for Cancellation or Curtailment, Emergency Medical Expenses and Baggage.

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