Audrey Hepburn in ParisThere’s an Italian saying: spend Christmas Holidays with your family and spend your Easter holiday with your friends:  “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi”

Easter holiday time is escape time and we’ve lined up our favourite cites for a refreshing time away.


1. Paris

Paris Pic

Paris in Springtime

In the movie Sabrina, Audrey Hepburn said “Paris is always a good idea”. There’s so much to see and do in Paris, but there’s also a lot of lovely things to eat! Avoid all the tourists and spend a quiet day walking around and occasionally stopping to eat. A quiet spot is the Museum Rodin, where you can saunter around peacefully, admiring the statutes and get a great croissant while you’re at it.

2. Rome

The Pope greets the many in the Vatican City during Easter Week.

The Pope greets the many in the Vatican City during Easter Week.

Roma! The eternal city! If you’re looking for a place that comes even more alive that usual during Easter then come to Rome. Be warned that Vatican City will be swarming with tourists during the season for  the Good Friday – candlelit procession and ending in a huge open air Mass on St.Peter’s Square on Easter Sunday. However there are so many sights to see in Rome you can stay out of the way of the crowd. You can even take a day trip to Tivoli to check out Hadrian’s Villa, built in 1560! Many shops won’t be open during the holidays so come for the food not the shopping. 😉

3. Barcelona

Sant Jordi Day in Barcelona

Sant Jordi Day in Barcelona

Easter Week is also huge in Barcelona.  One of the highlights of the season is The Feast of Sant Jordi (Saint George)- The Patron Saint of Catalonia (23rd April this year). The feast day is the Catalonian version of St.Valentine’s Day,(it is sometimes called Lovers Day) where men give gifts of roses to women and women give gifts of books to men, although in recent times people have decided to switch these roles. Before this day Semana Santa (Holy Week) takes place in Barcelona and there are many masses and processions from the local churches. Take note again, there won’t be many shops open so relax and stroll around.

4.   Berlin

Easter Week in Berlin

The Easter Knight Spectacular in Berlin

Berlin also has plenty of events happening at Easter time. There’s  an Easter Bonfire in the Britz Garden on Easter Saturday morning and the Zitadelle Spandau,  16th century Renaissance fortress hosts the annual Medieval Festival for 2 days! The fortress fills with market people,knights, and dancers with acrobatic shows, short plays and wresting matches! Fun for all the family! There’s also an Easter parade at Tierpark with music and lectures and lots of other events!

 5. Seville

Seville Holy Week

Holy Week in Seville

Holy week is pretty big in Barcelona, but it’s even bigger in Seville. The Semana Santa is celebrated with processions of pasos, floats of lifelike wooden scluptures of the scenes of the Passion, and lot of images of the Virgin Mary showing grief. If you like your strong religious images this is the place to be!  However be warned if you want to go book well in advance, as hotels are filled to the brim!

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