In our blog last week, we discussed the amount of money we spend while abroad! We determined that Irish holiday goers spend on average between €1000 and €3000. Although these sums are in no way insignificant, what if money was not an issue?

Image of a luxury car emblem of a car in front of a hotel

Where would you take your blank cheque to enjoy a night of boundless luxury? Here are our recommendations that include some of the most expensive hotels suites on Earth.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai:

The Burj Al Arab is consistently named as the most luxurious hotel in the world and is the most iconic of the Dubai skyline. With a huge selection of room options, the best by far is the Royal Two-Bedroom SuiteThe suite is decorated like an old opulent palace and includes amenities like a cinema and an in-suite lift. The beds feature 14 types of pillows (yes 14) and if you need help figuring out which one to rest your tired wealthy head on, you can always draw on the “world’s largest brigade of butlers”! The video below is just a sneak peek at the level of luxury on offer. With prices starting from around €8000 a night, the good news is that the suite accommodates up to four adults, so you can always split the cost.

Atlantis Paradise, Bahamas:

Located in the Caribbean, the Bahamas are a hugely popular destination for US Travelers. The Atlantis Paradise, is a luxury casino hotel that boasts a water park, 11 different pools and lagoons that showcase 20,000 tropical fish and aquatic animals. If you manage to stay away from the sun and “aquaventure”, then relaxing in one of the Bridge Suites is really your only option. Each suite includes ten different rooms, a grand piano and a 22-karat gold chandelier over the dining area. You’ll also have 7 butlers and service people to help dry clean your swimwear before you head back out to the water parks.

Hilltop Estate Villa, Fiji:

Fiji is well known for being one of the most beautiful places on earth and these accommodations located on Luacala Island and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The resorts most expensive Villas offer large outdoor bathing areas with oversized baths and large dining pavilions for starlit dining. In case you still don’t feel enough like you’re at one with nature, you can enjoy the yoga deck above the coconut plantation! How much does such a priceless experience cost? Well the plane ride from the main island will cost you €1000 for a start, with a night in the villa setting you back a cool €9,000. You can’t really argue with some of the views below though!

Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas:

Vegas is arguably the capital of the world when it comes to Luxury Hotels and Resort offerings. Of all the wonderful suites in the city however, there can only be one winner. Previously known as the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa”, this suite can host up to 350 people for parties or events! The two floor 9,000 square foot accommodation includes 2 master bedrooms, 2 salon suites and 5.5 bathrooms. It can host up to 12 guests and also has a pool that extends past the balcony allowing you to swim out to unbeatable views of the famous Las Vegas Skyline. As the video below details however, a night spent here will be the costliest in Vegas.

Hotel President Wilson, Switzerland

Perched alongside the beautiful Lake Geneva, this hotel boasts stunning views and a series of suites that offer high levels of luxury! The most expensive of which is the President Wilson Suite. Despite having all the luxury bedding you’d expect, the room comes with an adjoining dining room for private dinners or meetings with all of your rich friends. The bedroom has both a dressing room and a bathroom that features a “Rain forest Shower”(God knows). With prices starting from just €10,000 a night, you’d be forgiven for pocketing the “Hermes” bath products on your way out!

If you’ve booked your Suite, ordered your limos and requested your team of butlers for your next holiday, don’t forget your travel insurance! You can also afford to splash out even more with prices starting from as little as €31.99 for two year cover.