Multitrip advice on classic mistakes
No matter how organised you think you are, when you are in holiday mode, barriers fall down and classic mistakes are made! Here are our top 10 classic mistakes we make on holidays! #ClassicMistakes


Thinking you don’t need travel insurance

“Well you would say that, wouldn’t you?”, we hear you cry and of course we are going to put this one first. Everyone always thinks it will never happen to them. You won’t get the dodgy tummy all the way up to full blown food poisoning, you won’t break a limb skiing or kit surfing or bust an ankle simply walking to you favourite restaurant in the resort. You should consider your travel insurance like a warm blanket not a necessary evil. You never know when you will need travel insurance and it is inexpensive, it makes no sense to travel without it.

Don’t know the exchange rates.

Everyone makes this mistake and gets their maths wrong! If travelling outside the Euro zone make sure you know exactly what the local currency is worth. You will hear plenty of horror stories of overpriced airport transfers by taxi, most people only realising what they paid on day three of their holiday when they finally get the sums right! Know your exchange rate and don’t tip the bellboy a weeks wages.

Have only large notes

Guilty as charged! Always the guys with the 50’s and 100’s in the wallets. GET SMALL NOTES when changing currency and this will save you a world of embarrassment when the bellboy is standing in your hotel room with an arm outstretched!

Holiday Brain

Once you get on the flight all semblance of security seems to leave people. Especially when they arrive at their destination, the sun is shining, the staff are friendly and your guard is down. you forget to lock doors and windows like you would at home, you forget to activate the in-room security box and generally let yourself go! This is prime time for thieves so don’t be caught out.

Weather Check.

Regardless of what you smartphone app says, they are still not all that smart. When your phone tels you its 25 degrees, you need to be aware of what it actually feels like on the ground. Evening winds can sound romantic as they sweep across the waterfront but when you are sitting at that special restaurant at the waterfront, it can be fairly chilly! Cardigans and hoodies may be a requirement and no harm packing a light waterproof jacket too.

Get Sunburnt.

In a word; DON’T! This happens too often to readers of this blog. Pale skin and sunshine in todays world really does not go well. It happens on the first day and then it happens on the last day ‘blast’ you give yourself to get the tan for when you are home.

Eat Bad Food

Not isolated to India, this can strike anywhere in the world. Bad food can ruin a holiday and have you bedridden with cramps and innumerate journeys to the bathroom. Ask the hotel to recommend restaurants and don;t be enticed by the handsome local with the deep tan. Also check out TripAdvisor before you go.

Feeling generally unwell.

Illness on holiday is very common, the chemicals in the water or the sudden change in temperatures can cause a nausea. Some good advice. Wait for 10 minutes before turning on the air conditioning in your room and likewise turn it off 10 minutes before you leave. Only drink bottled water and have a bottle beside the sink for brushing your teeth. Be careful where you eat and drink, many drinks will contain ice made from local water and salads may not be washed in bottled water. If you are unfortunate to have a tummy bug, the last thing you want to do is rush down to the local pharmacy. Bring small packs of Imodium and Motilium with you, they will take up no room in your suitcase – you will be really glad you brought them!

Try to cram everything in.

All to common. We get on the internet and download the list of the top 20 things to do in ‘wherever’ and then try to get every single thing marked off that list! Result: Need for another holiday! Choose one thing that will give you a memory for a lifetime and leave the rest to chance. If you stumble across them, great! If not they’ll be there if you decide to come back.

Respect the local culture.

Always remember you are the visitor. You are the one in the foreign country and that country will have its own traditions, rules and regulations. You may need to cover shoulders or wear long trousers when you really want to wear shorts but if you want to enter ‘that’ temple you need to obey local guidelines. Also, for the ladies, make sure topless bathing is allowed and accepted – check before you strip off.

So with a little bit of research and pre-planning, you can avoid the vast majority of what we have outlined above.

Above all make sure you enjoy your holiday.