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Can you leave the phone alone?

According to our latest survey, one in four Irish holidaymakers will check in on work related correspondence whilst holidaying this year, with only 14.4% choosing to fully ignore both personal or work related correspondence until they get back home.

We surveyed of over 2,800 people and it identifies the top 5 gadgets Irish people will bring on holiday this year, with a mobile phone cited as the most popular among 99% of respondents. We could have guessed that though, right! Other popular gadgets include a digital tablet like an iPad or similar (49.5%), an E-reader like a Kindle or similar (22.7%). It looks like we are not plugging in the headphones by the pool as much as we used to with only 16% of us bringing a Music Player with us. It also looks like the not all of us are shooting photos on our phones. Over one third of those who responded still bring a digital camera to capture those fun moments and sunsets with a real camera!

Further findings from the survey reveal that two thirds will travel with their partner/ spouse and a quarter will have kids with them on holiday. At the other end of the spectrum, almost 1 in 10 of us will travel alone this year on holiday.

The survey also identifies that half of those surveyed will post to social media while on holiday. Of the half who won’t post to social media, 87% of these are aged 35 years or older, highlighting that it’s still somewhat of a young person’s game.

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It’s clear that we are a nation that plans to travel abroad this summer with a huge amount of expensive personal belongings in tow.” says Managing Director, Ciaran Mulligan. “With two thirds travelling with their partner and a quarter travelling with kids, I would seriously urge holidaymakers to shop around for travel insurance cover that has adequate personal belongings cover as well as a policy that provides the most cost effective cover for the whole family?”


So whats your opinion? Do you leave your phone at home or is it brought on holidays? Can you relax without it? Are you half are you? Do you post to Social Media or not when on holidays?

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