From horrible histories to the here-and-now, we’ve got 5 deadly destinations for Halloween… or any time of year.

Are you travelling this Halloween? If you are looking for the spookiest  places to visit, look no further!
Bram Castle in Transylvania - said to be the inspiration for the home of Count Dracula
1. Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania is a region in central Romania. It’s known for medieval towns, mountainous borders and castles like Bran Castle, a Gothic fortress associated with the legend of Dracula. The city of Brașov features Saxon walls and bastions, as well as expansive Council Square, ringed by colorful baroque buildings, the towering Gothic Black Church and cafes. Nearby Poiana Brașov is a popular ski resort. Bram Stoker apparently never went to Romania, yet the term ‘Transylvania’ still manages to strike fear into the hearts of many. Bran Castle is the castle thought to have inspired Stoker and he claimed it in his famous book as the home of Count Dracula.

A Witch House in Salem, Massachussetts

2. Salem, Massachusetts

Probably the scariest place in the USA. In the late 1600’s it became the site for some very unsavory activity when the townspeople tried and hung 19 men and women that they considered witches.The town, to this day , have kept that horrible act in the minds of people. The police department of Salem have a witches in their logo. The high school is called Witchcraft Heights Elementary School and there is even a suburb called Salem Neck! People generally believed witchcraft to be real in the 17th century. Nothing caused more fear in the Puritan community than people who appeared to be possessed by demons, and witchcraft was a serious felony. Judge Hathorne is the best known of the witch trial judges, and he became known as the “Hanging Judge” for sentencing witches to death. Scary!

The Catacombs in Paris is a pretty chilling place.

3.Parisian Catacombs

With over six million people entombed in the catacombs in Paris, it has now (oddly) become a popular tourist attraction. The disused quarries were chosen to receive the remains due to lack of space in Paris cemetery’s. The placement of the remains of people began in the late 1700’s, The removal and transfer of the bones was done in the dead of night and under cover of a black veil. The practice continued until the earl 1800’s. You can visit….if you dare!

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

4.Universal Studios, Orlando

We know what your thinking! How did Universal Studios in Florida make this list? Isn’t it just a theme park. Yes, for the most part but every year, ‘Jack The Clown’ returns and ‘the Walking Dead’ come alive. Its called Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror nights and features production values similar to the TV series with real life zombies and chainsaw wielding ‘lunatics’, in nine haunted houses. This really is the stuff of nightmares and definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The Stanley Hotel Colorado, the inspiration for Stephen Kings book 'The Shining'

5. The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

If you are familiar with one of Jack Nicholsons defining role in the movie “The Shining” and those famous two words “Here’s Johnny”, the Stanley Hotel in Colorado will strike a chords with you. Stephen King was inspired to write the book when he and his wife were the only two guests in the hotel at one point. whilst the actual hotel does not feature in the movie, it has embraced its association and holds murder mystery nights and has the ‘Shining Ball’ every year. If you listen closely, in the dead of night, apparently you can hear the Steinway piano playing by itself…

Bonus:Anywhere you see (scary, evil) clowns over Halloween!!!
worlds scariest people - clowns!

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