5 Top Tips to make sure you have a Safe Summer for Students  from MultiTrip Travel Insurance

You might be in the middle of some of the hardest exams of your life and thinking “when will this torture end?!?” The really good news is that it will end soon enough and you won’t know yourself with all the free time you’ll have. There’s going to be no books, no laptops, no frantic facebook post from your classmates saying “can you remember what our lecturer said about this 4 months ago!?!” , no staying up all night finishing essays, no freaking out about questions.  It’ll be all like the Netherlands entry for the Eurovision this year “the calm after the storm”.

However you must be prepared for what comes next! If you’re heading away this summer make sure you’ve got all your basis covered.  There are a few blind spots that you may miss in your quest to become the party queen/king of the U.S.A. or  Spain or Australia, or wherever it is you plan to conquer.

it's worth a lot of points

it’s worth a lot of points

1.  Travel Insurance

You may not think it’s entirely necessary to have insurance but when the unthinkable happens, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you got insurance.  Say the worst thing happens and you (god forbid) fail an exam – travel insurance has the expense on your early flight home covered!  Or you have an accident, or you lose your passport, or you get mugged, or the airline loses your luggage, or all of the above.  Bottom line: get travel insurance!  Also if you intend to do something pretty dangerous like Bungee Jumping or Skydiving, it’s worth getting your health insurance for that little bit of peace of mind, as you’re hurtling towards the ground at a crazy rate.

oh the glamour of J1 accomodation...groan...

oh the glamour of J1 accomodation…groan…

2.  Do your Research!

Before you head anywhere get stuck into what it is you need before you go. Accommodation is one of the hardest things to sort out, and finding half-way decent accommodation is even harder!  In 2003 during my J1 in LA, I stayed in a small room with 6 other girls in bunk beds. Coming home every day was the least fun ever.  See if you can get accommodation in a local university for the summer- that’s your best bet! Also research any landlords or agents before you wire them any money, internet scams are two a piece so be on the lookout, if things seem too good to be true, they are!

"That's a hot look"- Said no one ever

“That’s a hot look”- Said no one ever

3.  Sunscreen

Probably the most important thing you can do on holiday. WEAR SUNSCREEN! The farmer’s tan is not a good look, with bad sunburn not only do you look like some kind of human lobster, you’re actually risking skin cancer, and that really isn’t cool. L  Living in the rainy north Atlantic isles we can easily forget to take care of our skin, so make sure your get your SPF 30-50 on before you leave the house and after you get out of the water. Don’t asleep in the sun and forget! You’ll end up in big trouble!  Hats also save your hair and your skin. So get a cool looking chapeau and you later life skin will thank you.

MultiTrip Travel Insurance4. Drink water

Swap the endless tea and coffee for water, lots of! Running around in the heat can really dry you up.  You can end up in the emergency room pretty quickly if you’re not careful, especially if you have a job where you’re working outside with no shade. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Avoid the soda drinks that have too much sodium (in the end it’s counterproductive!) and too many calories, (won’t pay off in the swimsuit).

or your mammy will go nuts!

or your mammy will go nuts!

5. Make sure people know where you are

Whether you’re traveling with people or on your own, make sure someone always knows where you are going. While there’s no point in worrying about what could happen it is always good practise to inform people of your whereabouts so they don’t worry and they know you’re safe.  If you visit a big amusement park or a massive concert, always have a safe place to meet if you get separated from your group. While that may sound a bit preachy- there just too many stories of people on their J1s or working visas who go missing or don’t come home. It’s sad and it’s avoidable, so make sure you stay in touch!

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