For many people, who you travel with can be just as important as where you’re going. Solo travel, group travel and travelling as a couple all bring their own unique set of advantages and challenges. For those of us who share our travel experiences with a romantic partner however, it can end up being an interesting mix of both compromise and fulfillment. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been chatting to some of the best known traveling couples from across the world to get their insights into what it’s like to see the world with your other half. We learned that although it can be challenging, the benefits far outweigh the struggles.

Wandering On

Wandering On are a couple from Ireland who headed off in 2009 to teach English in South Korea before beginning worldly adventures that culminated in their current career as full time digital nomads. This is what they had to say about seeing the world together:

“Travelling as a couple, you always have someone to rely on and someone to help you out when things go wrong. And of course, when things are going great, you have someone to share in the joys of travel. In a couple, you’re never lonely and taking risks is a little less daunting when there’s someone by your side. Whether you’re trekking in the Himalayas, swimming with seals or simply trying to negotiate the Tokyo subway system, having your partner with you makes it all the more enjoyable.

Image of Brian and Noelle from the Wandering On blog. The pair have years of experience in traveling as a couple

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When you’re travelling as a couple, you live in each other’s pockets day-in, day-out, so finding time to be apart can be challenging. On those rare occasions that you have a disagreement about something, being in such close quarters all the time can make it difficult to find space to get past whatever the issue was. With regards to having space, you just take some time, go for a walk or Noelle might do yoga for an hour while I (Brian) go surfing.

Having separate interests gives you the opportunity to have some space for a little while and you can come back to each other after and have something new to talk about and share your experiences. With disagreements on the road, you learn to move on from them pretty quickly, if you decided to not talk to each other or storm off, that’s going to make for a pretty miserable few days and who wants that?!”

Wandering On 2

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The Gastrogays, Russell and Patrick are an award winning blogging pair who live in Dublin. They write extensively about food (hence the name) but also travel as much as they can to a wide range of beautiful destinations. They have learned the following from their many trips away together:

“There’s something freeing about being an independent traveler, in charge of your own itinerary and going where the road takes you. But us humans can get lonely and need interaction, so there’s equally something amazing about sharing experiences hand-in-hand with your partner.

That same person can also take off some of the stress of planning and organising trips – sharing organisational tasks, which can often drive you crazy trying to get the best prices, deals and dates. Having someone there by your side in case of emergency is also so important. That isn’t a romantic thing to say – bring someone else along in case you get in to trouble, but it’s practical and sensible. You always have your other half there in case anything goes wrong, you get in to trouble or you need help or advice from someone close.

Image of the Gastrogays while on one of their many holidays. The pair are experts on traveling as a couple for short city breaks and weeks away

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Having to put up with another person, is not always plain sailing when you’re collaborating on planning a trip, let alone being together 24/7 whilst on the road. There’s a certain amount of patience and understanding necessary to travel as a couple, and as much of a comfort having someone close by can be it can also quickly turn into annoyance or argument. No trip is ever plain sailing or exactly how you picture it before you depart, so it’s always important to be realistic about this aspect.

Remember the benefits: sharing experiences, sharing the workload, having someone you know and trust by your side. These are big benefits but sometimes they can be lost by the wayside. When things get tense, remember how great it is that you’re not alone.

Give over control. As you’re travelling in a couple, you can’t be in control of every aspect, and this is very important to remember: give some control to the other party. That also means expecting hitches, adjustments or huge changes in your plans so your travelling companion can do some of what they want to do. Our blog is all about food-led travel and thankfully we both adore food and it’s all we think about 24/7, but if one of us has particular interests in going to a museum, an exhibition, a show or on a niche walking tour, the other is happy to accompany because for the rest of the time we’re on the same page. Allowing flexibility is imperative.

Be honest and open. If you need an hour away from each other, walking around the city walls or on a solo hike somewhere, do it. Organise a time to meet back up (and ensure your phone is charged enough!) and go about your separate ways. Just because you’re travelling together doesn’t mean you need to be joined at the hip – you can still do individual things! If you’re the type of person who just needs that hour or two of alone time to recharge, speak about it – there’s no point wallowing inside yourself. ”

Image of the Gastrogays while on holiday in Montenegro. The pair understand that traveling as a couple is not always plain sailing

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Wanderlust Aussies

The Wanderlust Aussies are a couple from Australia (it’s in the name) who have been on the road together since 2016 sharing their journey through some of the worlds most beautiful cities and tropical landscapes. Stephanie is an exercise psychologist while Andrew is an engineer and spends his time mostly behind the camera. Both had this to say about sharing their travel experiences:

“Unlike travelling solo, being in a couple means you are sharing a truly awesome experience, you will be more organised, decisive but ultimately more likely to see more things but unfortunately you will most likely meet far fewer travelers on your adventures.

Image of the Wanderlust aussies at one of the various exotic locations they have traveled to. They have extensive experience of traveling as a couple through Europe

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Having someone who has your back, someone to share incredible experiences with are totally underestimated benefits. Being able to share a private room (and the costs), having someone to trust with your things and to remind you when you forget them! Someone to care for you if you get sick and someone to reminisce with when its all over.

We always stay in hostels so that we can meet as many travelers as possible during our adventures. But as a couple you will undoubtedly never have as many opportunities to make friends with strangers. Make friends and don’t always be glued at the hip, we would often give each other the challenge of making friends during our travels because lets be honest no matter how special your other half is, it’s great to talk to someone new! Travelling is a unique experience, an amazing worthwhile one that any couple shouldn’t shy away from if given the opportunity. ”

Wandering Oz  view

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Getting Stamped

Hannah and Adam of Getting Stamped are a couple from Wisconsin in the USA. They left behind the “American Dream” in search of adventure and have been travelling the world for the last 5 years. They have an amazing selection of blogs and photography that will no doubt have you itching to travel. They told us how they’ve found their adventures together and the advice they’d have to other couples:

“Neither of us has ever really traveled solo, thankfully we found each other! We are lucky we both have the same love of travel. We can’t imagine traveling the world without each other.

Image of Hannah and Adam of as they overlook a stunning view. The pair have seen the world together and so know exactly what it's like traveling as a couple

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It’s great to have someone that understands how gorgeous the world is and at the same time how tiring travel can be. We get to try more local food together as we split everything. Oh, and husbands are really good at carrying bags!

Being with your significant other 24/7 isn’t normal or healthy. Sometimes being together that much can really be a test on any relationship. Little things really get under each others skin.

Don’t force each other to do things you don’t enjoy. After three failed attempts at trying to dive we learned I (Hannah) was never meant to be a diver, which is totally fine. For example: in Koh Lipe Thailand Adam gets to enjoy his hobby alone while I (Hannah) enjoy my hobbies of beaching, shopping, and $5 Thai massages.”

Getting Stamped Hannah and Adam-Maldives

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Yasha and Yeurgen of aren’t like a lot of the world travelers we’ve become accustomed to following! Instead of jet setting across the world and staying in an array of apartments, luxury hotels and youth hostels, they spend their time traveling solely in “Berta”. Berta is the “3rd family member” and “she” is a 1981 MB1019 fire truck that they managed to convert into an “overland camper”. This “family” has since traversed most of Latin America and their blog details the many different landscapes, routes and sights they have witnessed. They detailed their unique living experiences with us below:

“We are passionate about travelling; before we met, we’d both traveled solo and really loved it. In fact, there are occasions when we still take off alone. When travelling as a couple, the main difference is that you are never really alone. This is mostly a wonderful thing, but it also includes the times when you might wish you were….

Image of Yasha and Yeurgin of Dare2go. This couple get around in a converted fire truck so they have a unique experience of traveling as a couple

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We travel full time in an overland camper, which means we live in an 8 square metre mobile home. So, when we are ‘home’, we eat, sleep, bathe and go to the loo in this tiny space we share. There is no other room where one can go and close the door – other than the loo. There is nowhere to truly be alone. Everyone needs that sometimes. It’s not like ’normal life’, where you go out to work, and come together at home in the evenings and on weekends – it’s together, 24/7!

I’m not really sure we have overcome this challenge completely, although we do try different things. We both love to read – so we go to different places, just by getting absorbed in our current read. Sometimes one goes shopping – the other stays ‘home’; one goes for a walk, while the other stays ‘home”. We often talk about doing more things on our own, but we don’t manage it very often.”


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