America has always been a popular destination for holiday goers in Ireland and the UK. However, with new budget transatlantic carries and comparison websites for accommodation etc, a trip stateside seems more accessible and affordable than ever before.

This week we caught up with Kathleen Maher, from, to see the places that destinations that people are choosing this year when it comes to an American Summer Adventure.

1. Orlando

The Florida destinations brings guaranteed sunshine 90% of the year and is a mecca for theme parks and family fun. There’s also plenty here for the big kids too with bars, nightclubs, shopping and golf to keep anyone busy for their stay.



2. New York

The most iconic city in the world, New York is a year round tourist hot bed. Times Square, The Empire State and trips to Ellis Island are all must see’s before you even begin to experience the shopping, nightlife and events. A great spot for a 5 night shopping trip with friends or a romantic getaway. Expect to spend a lot on dining out and drinks.



3. Las Vegas

Vegas is not just a destination for young party goers or gamblers, it also has a variety of family friendly shows and activities. With a wealth of accommodation and dining options on offer, it’s also a place where you can get great package deals once you shop around. Go all inclusive in a resort for a few nights and try your luck in the casinos.



4. San Francisco

The West Coasts answer to New York, San Francisco is an expensive city that thrives off tourism. The Golden Gate Bridge is even more breathtaking in person and the tour of Alcatraz is a must. Trams operate around the city and are highly recommended as the streets scale up and down steep inclines.



5. Los Angeles

Another West Coast destination on the list. Home to the original Disneyland and Universal Studios as well as the Hollywood Hills and Santa Monica Beach, LA combines a lot of different experiences. A road trip along the pacific coast highway taking in both San Francisco and Los Angeles would make for the perfect summer holiday.



6. Cancun

Yes we know, Cancun is in Mexico! It is however, one of the most popular destinations for Irish Travelers to the North American Continent. With luxurious resorts offering unbeatable package deals and excursions to ancient Mayan ruins like Chichen Itza, it is has become a must see destination.



7. Caribbean Cruises

Not technically a US destination either but a Caribbean cruise is always a popular option with travelers. With a wide array of cruise operators offering departures from Florida and New Orleans, you can take in the beauty of the Caribbean islands while sipping on cocktails and enjoying the amenities on ship.



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