Packing Everything You Need In A Carry On, Multitrip Travel Insurance Style!

No one wants to carry around a huge suitcase, especially on short trips. The stress of checking it in, the anxiety of watching the weighing scales crawl over the 20g mark. Lets face it. There’s no bliss like strutting past the luggage collection belt knowing you have everything on you. While it can be handy for all of that extra room in your case (especially for a shopping holiday), sometimes a small carry on is all you need.

So here’s the essentials to packing everything you need into a carry on for your journey.

First thing. The bag. You’re going to need a bag with a lot of zips and pockets. Fashion or labels do not matter anymore. Function is key. You’ll want an easy access, secure pocket near the top of your bag for boarding passes and passport. Pack heaviest from the bottom and lighter items as you move up to the top of the bag. Chargers can be slotted into one zipper pocket while gizmos such as cameras and iPads can be left in another.

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Do not fold and stack clothes. Roll and tetris them. Save space by slotting the rolled up clothes into your carry on. They take up much less space now and are much easier to move around to clear more room. For women, try packing more dresses. A dress is a substitute for a top and jeans. Easy way to save space. Ziplock bags can be a life saver in helping you group clothes together and eliminating any wasted space.

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Pick neutral colours!. Do not plan specific outfits. Try one or two pairs of black jeans instead of 4 or 5 different trousers to match every shirt or top. Pick the clothes that you can mix and match around while you’re away. The more interchangeable your clothes, the less you will really need to bring.

Want to bring that nice heavy coat with you? Wear it on the plane. Wear your heaviest shoes/jacket/trousers to the airport and leave only the lightest for your carry on. Even a sneaky hoodie under your jacket could save a lot of space. you may not look like a fashion icon on your journey, but it’s so much easier carrying around a few extra layers than a big suitcase.

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Unless you require a special type. Toiletries are not essential. There are plenty of places to get toothpaste/ shampoo/ body wash when you get to your destination. Plus if any of these were to open in your carry on and spill, it’s game over I’m afraid.

If you plan accordingly and minimize what you need to the basics, you should be able to fly through the airport with nothing more than your little carry on bag!

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