This month we have had another chat with our growing number of #Multitrippers and we have some great advice to share this month.

extreme sports over Capetown

First up is from our intrepid traveller Janet Newenham who writes on Journalist On The Run. Janet is currently crossing Europe on her Cork2Capetown odyssey – travelling only by land from Cork to Capetown and avoiding any air travel. When we last checked in with her, she was on a train crossing from Italy to Slovenia. Incidentally, Slovenia will be country number 55 that Janet has visited and the number will continue to grow as the #Cork2Capetown journey rolls on….
In the meantime, Janet took time to share twelve reasons to visit Capetown and we like all of them. You can read her tips on the Multitrip.com blog HERE.

Next up is for the fitness fanatics! This article comes from our most recent #Multitripper, Nadia El Ferdoussi. Nadia’s post comes from her blog The Daily S’elf. She highlights five places that she thinks are the best in the world for a continuation of your fitness regime whilst on holidays. Whilst many may want to kickback on holidays and forget about gym visits and jogging for a couple of weeks, there are those for whom exercising is a way of life and just part of their daily routine.
So with that in mind, Nadia gives us what she considers the very best places to be in the world for exercising. You can catch that article HERE.

S-trunki-travel-580x580And finally for this month we have some simple but useful hints from Sarah Slattery who writes the popular blog The Travel Expert. Sarah brings us ten very handy hints for when you are travelling abroad with kids. Ideas such as handy gadgets for the plane, that allow for a personal library of movies, using your children’s hand luggage allocation and lots more. You can check out the article here for the ten handy hints.

Here is another one of our favourites and its Sarah’s “Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance“. This article highlights the necessity for travel insurance for peace of mind and other reasons to!

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