Sick of staying in soulless chain hotels, dreary apartment blocks or uninspiring resorts while on holiday?

Well here at Multitrip, we’ve put together a list of outrageous accommodation options from around the world that will prove you can have a memorable holiday, even if you never leave your room!

The Crane Hotel, Amsterdam

Yes, you read that correctly, there is a hotel in a crane in Amsterdam! Most major cities in Europe have a skyline littered with cranes but this one is one that hosts celebrity parties, events and DJ’s throughout the year. It’s rated as a 5* luxury accommodation so it won’t be cheap and you can leave your hard hat at home! It will however be an unforgettable luxury experience, as the aptly bizarre promotional video below attests:

The Bark Park Inn, USA

This is one for the dog lovers. The small town of Cottonwood, Idaho is home to just 900 people and a married couple who are full time chainsaw artists. They carve wooden dog ornaments and their art and its success has seen them develop their very own B&B, which allows guests to sleep inside the worlds biggest beagle! While here, you can even have an ornament fashioned to the likeness of your own pooch.

Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht, South Korea

Ever wanted to go on a cruise but suffer from sea sickness and feeling trapped on board? Well then this is the one for you as it’s located on a mountain 365 days a year! Modeled in the image of a luxury cruise ship, the hotel overlooks a popular beach resort and has a revolving restaurant that overlooks the sea. Just in case you feel you’re missing out on the authentic cruise experience, the hotel plays the sounds of waves crashing faintly from speakers throughout its corridors and common areas.

V8 Hotel, Germany

Are you obsessed with driving? Well the country that brought us Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes and Audi have also built a hotel dedicated to our four wheeled friends! The V8 Hotel, in Stuttgart offers a fascinating collection of uniquely themed room designs that guests can stay in. You can even sleep in an old converted race car (think Milhouses Dad from the Simpsons, only more fun). Located beside the Porsche and Mercedez Benz Museums, you’ll also be able to indulge in the history of these classic car brands.

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Many of the colder climate countries now offer ice hotels to travelers. The Ice Hotel in Sweden however, claims to be the first. This structure reappears each year in a new way as part art exhibition, part hotel made completely of ice and snow. As the hotel itself is seasonal, it is recommended that visitors book well in advance. This place is definitely on our bucket list, just look at it!

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Up in the forest trees of British Columbia, you will find tree houses that your wildest childhood dreams are made of. The Free Spirit Spheres look like something out of a movie set and allow people to experience the forest by literally being a part of it. Located on Vancouver Island, guests can also enjoy the many hiking trails, zip lining adventures and kayaking that the surrounding area has to offer! This is definitely one of the more unique places to stay on our list.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Located in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi, Giraffe Manor is a unique experience in that not only do guests get to stay in a historic stately home, but the land surrounding serves as a residence for a herd of Rothschild Giraffes. The animals wander towards the house and regularly stick their long necks inside windows to get hand fed by guests. We would recommend staying as part of a larger safari trip throughout the region as there is so much to see.

No matter where you’re planning on spending your holiday, make sure you’re covered with a great value quote for a 2 year travel insurance policy.¬†