Keep calm with these top tips from Travel Insurance

Airports can be stressful enough without the crowds. There’s nothing worse than arriving at departures and seeing a sea of impatient faces. Travel Insurance has you covered with these top tips to survive a busy airport.

  1. Arrive earlier than expected

Unless you have a lookout at the airport hours before you arrive, you won’t have a clue what the crowds are going to be like. Calculate what time you should arrive at the airport and then add an extra 45 minutes to make sure you don’t get stressed out.

  1. Weigh your luggage at home

One of the most time consuming things to do in an airport is queuing up for the scales to make sure your luggage meets weight requirements before check in. Get rid of the hassle and save time all together by weighing it at home with a portable luggage weighing scale. You can buy them at amazon.

  1. Keep all necessary documents handy

If you look closely around an airport you can spot people stopping, checking their coat and bags furiously for their passport and boarding pass. To avoid this stress, keep the documents in an easy to access but safe area such as a zip up compartment of your hand luggage.

  1. Refrain from wearing unnecessary jewellery

Make sure you aren’t wearing any metal bangles, ear-rings or necklaces. Only wear a belt if your jeans are hanging off of you! No one wants to be that person spending ten minutes taking off anklets and bracelets at the metal detector while a queue seethes at you from behind.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes.

Forget fashion! You’re in for a lot of moving around and queuing. Make sure you’re wearing your comfiest shoes so you’re feet aren’t killing you stepping onto the plane. Remember the runway only applies to the plane!

  1. Keep tabs on time.

With all of the excitement of travelling, it’s easy to lose track of time. Make sure you know exactly when your flight leaves and arrive at your gate twenty minutes beforehand. There is no stress like the stress you feel darting to catch your flight.

  1. Don’t stress about getting on the plane.

Being one of the first on a plane is a magical experience. There are no crowds to duck and dive around and you can store your carry-on luggage anywhere. However this requires being very early and a lot of queuing. Kick back and relax until the majority of the passengers are on the plane.  Most of them will be seated by the time you get on the plane meaning you can avoid the crowds. Just make sure your carry-on isn’t too big or you might have trouble fitting it in the over-head compartments.

  1. Get Travel Insurance

There is no easier way to avoid stress in an airport than getting travel insurance cover. Travel Insurance can provide cover for Cancellation or Curtailment, Emergency Medical Expenses and Baggage.

All that’s left is to enjoy your flight. If you aren’t a fan of flying, check out How to Survive a Long Flight