Hate packing? Get it done in no time at all with our handy tips

There’s no easy way to say it. Packing is a pain. No matter where you are going the effort of shoving everything you need into a small container that you then need to carry around does not sound appealing.

And the worst part? It seems to take forever.

We at Multitrip.com Travel Insurance want to ease the burden by giving you all of our tips and tricks to pack a suitcase in 30 minutes.

Step 1: Have a checklist ready.

No more wasting time wondering if you have everything you need or having to scurry around your house last minute to find that phone charger. Once you have an organised list ready all you need to do is check them off. Check out our Multitrip.com Travel Essentials Checklist for one you can print off.

Step 2:  Travel Sized Containers

These will be your best friend when packing. We recommend Zip lock bags as opposed to small Tupperware containers as there is more wiggle room when fitting it all together. Throw all of your chargers in one, your toiletries in another and so on until all of the smaller items are easily manageable.

Step 3:  Use space wisely.

Make sure you know how exactly to pack your clothes to save space and time. For these tips check out Multitrip.com’s How to pack your life into a carry on.

Step 4:  Don’t Stress over neatness

All that matters now is getting everything you need into that case fast. Stressing over un-necessarily creasing your clothes or making sure that your favourite outfit is at the top is wasting your time. This bag will be handled by a lot more people than you and things will get messed up inside there. As long as everything is arranged  so that no toiletries leak or gadgets are damaged you will be fine.



By now you should be a packing pro!  If there’s anything we missed please share your tips for packing a suitcase in 30 minutes on our Facebook page.  Remember, Multitrip.com Travel Insurance can cover you for Baggage, Cancellation or Curtailment and Emergency Medical Expenses. Log onto www.multitrip.com today for a quote.