Nowadays, the world of blogging has become a massively growing one. Fashion, Lifestyle, Fitness, Food, Parenting, Home and even Pet bloggers have now well established themselves in our daily lives as their updates across social media continue to hold our attention. Here at, we’re obsessed with travel bloggers! Few people can make us as jealous as a travel blogger who is jet setting across the world, showcasing the beauty and adventure they witness at every turn.

As platforms like “Instagram”, “Pinterest” and “Youtube” continue to explode with travel content, we’ve chosen some of our favorite Travel Bloggers that we think you should be following. Not only will they inspire you with their beautiful content, they also have invaluable insights and advice available to their followers who may be planning their own great escape! We should warn you that if you continue to read beyond this point, we won’t be held responsible if you quit your job, buy a rucksack and jump on a one way flight!

One Step Forward: 

Johnny Ward has been lucky enough to travel every single country on earth and is still only in his early thirties. He started out like many travelers from Ireland, teaching English as a second language in South East Asia. While there, he began blogging and has since raised over €1,000,000 from his efforts. His website is a mix of personal blogs, travel tips, links to useful websites and even detailed guides for how to start your own blog and begin to monetise it. If you’re looking to blog about your own travel and get it seen, then Johnny is the one who can help.

An image of Johnny Ward, one of our favourite travel bloggers. here Johnny sits on a balcony with a laptop

Image Via: OneStep4Ward 

Where is Tara 

Tara Povey was born in New Zealand but raised in Ireland. She was working as a Pharmacist before she decided to escape the 9-5 and head off into the world. She’s been featured in all manner of publications and was even part of our own Multitrippers Series of videos from last year. You can see her interview below to get an idea of where her wanderlust comes from and some of her favourite and least favourite places she’s been.

The Travel Expert: 

Sarah Slattery spent years as a travel agent before she took her experience and passion for travel and made it into a full time job as “The Travel Expert”. Having been featured on multiple TV and radio shows as well as in national newspapers, she covers everything from holidaying as a young family, shopping trips away, solo travel and she always has the scoop on some unbelievable package deals available from travel agents. Here she is below mentioning some of her travel hacks on TV3:

The Whole world is a playground: 

There are many couples who take off around the world with nothing but a backpack to see how far they can get on a shoestring budget. Elaine and Dave from The whole World is a playground are not like these couples. They instead, work and live full time here in Ireland in finance jobs and use every free day that god sends to either plan or jet off on holidays. By combining public holidays with time off, they’ve managed to visit some far flung places. Here’s their interesting guide on how you can begin to see more countries without dropping all of your commitments. They also review plenty of different luxury offerings across the world from Hotels, bars and business class flight experiences.

An image of travel bloggers from "The Whole World Is A Playground" in the West Coast of Ireland.

Image Via: The Whole World Is A Playground

Benny Lewis: The Irish Polyglot: 

Are you currently learning a new language or have aspirations of living abroad in the future? Then Benny Lewis is someone who you have to take a look at. He has been becoming confident and fluent with speaking languages since 2003. He has since published a best selling book on learning languages called “Fluent in 3 months”. The book focuses on getting out there and throwing yourself into whatever language you want to learn while being willing to make mistakes. He is also highly active across all social platforms in which you’ll find a community of fellow learners who can help you on your language journey. Here’s a video from his YouTube channel on how you can “optimise your hearing” when immersed in a foreign dialect.

The Daily Self: 

For those of you who are into fashion and travel, Nadia El Ferdaoussi is someone that you’ll probably be familiar with. Her website contains a great mix of travel both here in Ireland and abroad as well as lifestyle and beauty tutorials. What makes Nadia’s page so different is that not only does she have a stunning Instagram account showcasing her unique fashion sense, but she gives her followers the options of where they can go shopping for these items or similar items online. We were also lucky to have Nadia as a part of our #Multitrippers series back in 2016. Check out what she had to say below:

Niamh Geaney: 

Niamh Geaney went viral in 2015 when she was part of a series in which people set out to find their Doppleganger twin from anywhere in the world. Niamh was lucky enough to find 4 people who looked eerily like her and has since continued to travel the world both for fun and in search of more lookalikes. She regularly updates her Youtube channel and website at the moment as she is currently traveling and is definitely one to watch as her social following and Doppelganger collection continues to grow. Below is that viral video where Niamh met “herself” for the first time:

Janet Newenham aka “Journalist on the run”:

As the name suggests, Janet Newenham is a journalist who has been on a journey around the world now for years. She set herself a list of goals to achieve by the time she was 30. Her website details all on her travels, what it’s like to live abroad including interviews with other expats and of course an extensive bank of advice articles that touches on everything from budget travelling to even “reasons not to travel solo” (from a solo traveler). Janet’s positive attitude and beautiful collection of Instagram posts will be sure to inspire you wherever you want to go travelling next.

An image of Janet Newenham paragliding over a city in Brasil. Janet has always been one of our favourite travel bloggers

Image Via:

So there you have it, our definitive list of travel bloggers that we have been following religiously throughout the year! From learning languages, to getting started on your own blog or updating your wardrobe, these bloggers will provide you with endless inspiration and guidance.

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