best-travel-appsTravelling at peak times can lead to its own troubles!

Flight delays, long check in queues, parking issues, security checks and hauling luggage can all lead to shortened tempers and frayed nerves. With this mind, we had a search around the internet and came up with a list of essential apps that hopefully will make your flying experience a little less painful.

Lets face it, there are many travel apps for your mobile device. Some good, some not-so-good. We have put together this list  and all apps are compatible with both Apple and Android, so feel free to download away! Hopefully this will list will go some way to alleviating any confrontation. The list below is specifically designed to help you deal with all of the situations outlined above.

Lounge Buddy:

Crowded airports get you down? Us too! Lounge Buddy offers reviews, available facilities and photos of lounges at more than 800 airports around the world, and allows you to instantly purchase access to them –  regardless of your elite status or fare class.  Available in the iTunes App Store or from Google Play.


Tripit is the app for those who like to stay organised on their travels. It allows you to store all your travel reference documents in one place. All you flight docs, hotel docs, rental car docs and others too. All you need to do is forward the email confirmations to the app and they are sorted and organised for you. Then presents you with an itinerary for travel. There are two versions, one free and one paid ($49 per year). Once the itnaerary is created, you cna view it both on and ofline and share it with colleagues too. Download either version of the app for Apple or Android here.


As Christmas looms ever closer and you find you’re running out of time to carefully pack your suitcase, don’t worry — PackPoint will do it for you. The app organizes an itemised, gender-specific packing list based on the length of your trip, the weather at your destination and any activities you have planned. How it does it, we just don’t know. If you’ll have a washer and/or dryer at your disposal during your trip, the app also allows you to select “laundry” and factor in the need to pack a little less. Available in the iTunes App Store or from Google Play.


Most people are familiar with the website but perhaps not so familiar with the App. It helps you search for hotels, restaurants, activities and tours for your trip, as well as read crowd-sourced reviews about each. Available for most smartphones and tablets, you can download the app here.

Pocket Earth

Once you’re on the road, it can be challenge to figure out exactly where you are, where to go, and how to get there without missing out on any cool places or things to see and do along the way. With PocketEarth, you’ll be able to find your way with detailed worldwide maps that are ready to use offline at the click of a button, allowing you to preserve your precious mobile phone data. There are also a variety of destination-based travel guides included in this app that you might find useful.

XE Currency

Whilst travelling in the Eurozone is ok, sometimes you will need to know how much of another currency you are spending or being charged. The XE Currency app quickly provides live, up-to-the-minute currency rates, then allows you to store and view them even when you’re offline. No need to ever wonder again if you’re really getting a good deal in another country. Available for both iOS and Android.

Trail Wallet

To combat the OCD and track any soend you make whilst abroad there is Trail Wallet. The app enables you to easily track your travel expenses and get back to enjoying your trip. You have the choice of tracking by trip or month, as well as the options of setting a daily budget and adding your expenses on the fly. One of the cooler features of this app is that it notifies you when you go over your pre-set budget and breaks down how much you’re spending by category (e.g.,  Entertainment, Transportation, Food, etc.) Basically a budgeting app for the traveller.

Hope all or some of these help get you through your travels ahead. What did we do without Apps and mobile devices, whilst travelling? How did we manage to get around the world. Hope they help!