So you are all packed! All the usual stuff and then all the digital gadgets; laptops, smartphones, tablets, the chargers, the USB’s and all that good stuff! Could you do without them? Could you digital detox?

Is This You On Holidays?


Is this you on holidays? Leave the phone at home. Would you dare? It is true to say that since the arrival and improvement of the smartphone, it is rarely more than arms length away from us and any given time. It is now an extension ourselves.

We check the feeds and data last thing before we go to bed and first thing in the morning. Sad, I know! And I’ll bet you’ll never admit to it in polite company either.

The behaviour and relationship we now have with our phone is habitual. It is a habit we have formed over the past five to 7 years, or ever since the phone became smart. So whether you are Apple or Android, could you break the habit and leave the device behind.

Trust us, the latest picture of your mates new baby will be there when you return, the list of best burger joints in WHEREVER, will also be there. It will all be there!!!

Holiday time is the ideal time to switch off. It is a change to your weekly grind, habits can change on holidays. Go away and become part of another culture, become immersed in another place. Live it with your own eyes, not through a four inch screen.

What you need to do to switch off is……switch off!


Go Old School:

Bring board games, a deck of cards and a real book (no kindles!) If its a family holiday, do family things. Hunt for crabs with little ones, walk the beach with older ones and try and have conversations with those teenagers in the middle!

Let People Know You Are Away:

Once you have set the email reply and the voicemail to say you are away, you actually are on holidays. You may receive the first email or phone call from somebody but once they know you are on holidays, they won’t be in touch again. If they are, then you know its important.

Find Out Before You Go:

Take some time before you go to do some research and find out the best restaurants, sights and things to do are and then (GASP!) print them out. Bring a pen and tick ’em off as you go.

Set Time Limits:

So all of the above are a bridge too far then and you must bring a device with you. Then set time limits on usage, only a quick check in the evening before going out to dinner and then back in the safety box in your room. Also that means that you can be outside enjoying activities during the day.

Avoid WiFi Charges

If you need to check in online, do so at the free common area in reception. This will mean two things! Firstly, you have to force yourself to reception to get online as you don’t have the convenience of WiFi in your room and secondly, you will save money on your bill at check out – no WiFi bills!!

Go on! We dare you, we double dare you. Take a flight somewhere without the phone in your back pocket! Let us know how you get on by posting on our Facebook page HERE