Earlier this year, we wrote a piece that detailed our top tips for tackling a walking holiday along the Camino De Santiago. What many may forget in their preparations however, is to purchase the right level of Travel Insurance for their trip! The Camino can be a physically demanding and dangerous experience for even the most well experienced hikers among us! With this in mind, there is a lot to consider when taking out your travel insurance policy. Here at Multitrip.com, we provide multiple levels of travel insurance and so when it comes to the Camino, it pays to keep in mind the following factors:

Image of a hiker standing on a Camino trail in the forest


One of the most important things you will need to look after while away is your equipment. Rucksacks, tents, sleeping bags, heavy walking shoes and walking poles etc are all vital to surviving your trek! This makes covering yourself against lost or damaged equipment an absolute must. That way in the event that anything happens to your gear, you will be able to buy replacements and claim back for the costs incurred.

Image of a Camino hikers footwear standing on a rocky surface with a walking stick in shot

Flight Delays/Cancellations: 

Even if you have all you need to complete your Camino route, getting there may not always be as easy as you’d think. With curtailments and cancellations of flights, you may find yourself eating into some valuable hiking time. Although it is best to remedy this with your airline, you should also consider adding Travel Disruption cover to your policy. For more on that and how best to deal with a cancellation, check out our recent blog post.


With the demanding nature of the treks, blisters and sore feet can be an inevitability. To help ease these pains you can check out this helpful guide. However, more serious accidents and injuries sustained while hiking can mean that blisters end up being the least of your problems. Hikers can also find that during the routes busiest periods of July and August, the sun can be unforgiving. Remaining as hydrated as possible is advised as well as taking plenty of breaks. It is best to ensure you are covered against these possible issues before you go. Although as a European citizen, you can be covered for certain instances with your European Health Card, a high level travel insurance policy will make sure you have access to private facilities as well as repatriation if needed.

Image of an emergency room entrance. The camino can be a dangerous route that can lead to injuries

Theft or Loss: 

Theft is always a threat while away on holiday. However, along the Camino route, there are many busy tourist spots where people will rest or even spend a night or two before heading on their way. These places are naturally areas in which pickpockets and thieves can be more prevalent. With an effective level of cover, you will be able to claim back for any theft of personal money and documents (including your driving license).

Image of a Spanish village like the ones seen along the Camino route

With trekkers constantly packing and unpacking their valuables as they travel, it can be just as easy to mislay or lose items as it is to be a victim of theft. Make sure your cover includes loss so you won’t have to worry about this either.

Image of a hiker trekking along a green stretch of the Camino landscape

For more details on our policy cover levels check out our policy wording and documents on our website. You can also get a great value quote on your travel insurance.If you’re serious about taking on the Camino, then check out Caminoways.com for the best tours, guides and tips on making your experience an unforgettable one.