Here at, we’re not at all bitter about the Irish football teams result last night. In fact, we always had this blog planned because we didn’t even want to go to Russia next summer anyway. We’ve had these way better holiday destinations top of our bucket list too and what better time to visit them than during the period of say June 14th-July 15th of next year. So here’s our quick guide to the countries where you’ll feel as far away from what is sure to be the most forgettable world cup ever.



Italy has always been popular with Irish tourists and luckily for us it will be surprisingly quiet next summer during this time. Forget St Petersburg and Moscow, while here you can take in iconic cities like Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence or witness beautiful coastal regions like “Cinque Terre”. Who needs to be part of the combined hope and excitement of a nation when you can have Pizza, Pasta and a Tiramisu after a long day of looking at frescoes painted in some Dome?


Image of the Duomo in Florence. Italy is one of the major teams that failed to qualify for the world cup in Russia Next Summer,



Holland has been a great location to spend summers lately for those sports fans looking to escape the hype of a major football tournament and 2018 will be no different. Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam all have plenty more interesting things to offer tourist other than football, like Tulips and the Van Gogh Museum! Fan zones at tournaments are all overrated but do you know what’s not overrated? The Ice Bar in Amsterdam that’s what!


Image of clogs from Holland. Holland is one country that did not qualify for the world cup in Russia next summer.



“I believe that we will win” became the mantra of the US Mens “Soccer” Team and their supporters throughout their run in the world cup 4 years ago. Sadly, things haven’t worked out that way recently and the team have found themselves failing to qualify for the first time since 1994.

This means that during a visit stateside next summer you’ll avoid the painful US analysis of “Soccer” and can enjoy those action packed fast paced games that the US has to offer, such as baseball. If that puts you to sleep before the first innings and you need your “soccer” hit, you can always catch an MLS game. Just make sure you stay away from the Seattle “Ultras”!




In truth you can visit Scotland during any major football tournament and feel like you’re not missing out on anything. Their national football team have been experts in failing to qualify for anything since 1998, a time before smartphones and even Facebook when Irish fans at home could easily avoid the coverage of a major tournament. If there’s anyone that will know how best how to deal with being left out in the cold, it’s the Scottish.


Image of the Scottish countryside. Scotland is one country that will be not at the world cup in Russia next summer.



We’re actually not sure if the¬†Welsh are still accepting Irish visitors after the last time a big group of us went over there, but by next summer hopefully they will have forgiven us. Despite their incredible run in Euro 2016 in France, the Welsh are more used to being on the outside looking in on major tournaments. This means that a visit to Wales would be a great idea if you’re looking to escape the hysteria that will no doubt begin to build come the new year!


Image of Welsh countryside homes by a lake. Wales are one of the teams that will not be at Russia next summer


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