Is there a way to actually beat The Dreaded Jetlag?  Multitrip Travel Insurance brings you the cheat sheet to beating it.


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What causes jetlag?

In our body is a chemical called Melatonin that regulates our body clock and sleep. When we travel east or west over the earth’s time zones, we interfere with that as the chemical has our body clock must adjust to a time zone we’re in. If you travel west the clocks go backwards and you find yourself exhausted with plenty of the day left to go. If you travel east you find yourself at a much later time usually leaving you unable to nod off, suffering headaches and sometimes constipation.

Jetlag can last for weeks after your journey if you do not give your body time to adjust. To beat it you must “reset” your body clock so that it easily adjusts to the day & night schedule of your time. But how do you prepare for such a drastic time zone change?


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1. Adjust your sleep schedule pre flight.

If you are travelling west, start going to bed later than normal. The opposite for east. gradually go to sleep later/earlier to slowly adjust your body clock before you even step on a plane.

2. Plan a stopover.

If at all possible, plan a brief stopover halfway through your journey. Be it over night or for a few hours, it will gradually allow you body to adjust to the new timezone.

3. Wear Sunglasses.

This might sound crazy but bear with us. Melatonin reacts to the amount of light your eyes detect. Limit the sunlight, limit the jetlag.


What to do when you arrive at your location.

1. Time your activities to the timezone you’re in. Not your own.

2. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can make jetlag worse.

3. Aim for even  4 hours sleep your first night. This “anchor sleep” will set your sleep clock to adjust to local time.


If you follow these rules, you’re sure to be cruising and not snoozing.

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