You are going to want to bookmark this one! Airport WiFi Passwords…

Anyone who has ever been in an airport anywhere, knows that waiting for a flight can be painful. The minutes drag on and you while away the time browsing in the book store and gorging on sweets and coffee whilst watching the clock.

Travel blogger and computer security engineer, Anil Polat has come to the rescue. On his blog, he has published a (regularly updated) map of Airport Wireless Passwords. You no longer need to wander aimlessly through departures or sit staring into space at the gate. The very helpful post outlines WiFi passwords for airports around the world. Anil has not visited all these airports but has used the internet and crowd sourcing to compile the list.

Simply find your airport on the map, give it a click. This will reveal the password for you log on.

Feel free to log on now as you wait for your flight and if you discover that the airport you are in does not have free WiFi and you manage to find out what the password is, Anil wants to here from you so he can update the map, so get in touch with him via FoxNomad.

Read more about this on Mashable.

Bookmark this post and try it next time you are stuck waiting for a flight…

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