North America has always been a popular destination among Irish travelers over the years. In more recent years however, Canada has become the choice for a lot of travelers over both the American East and West Coasts. With cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal garnering plenty of positive attention from social media reviews, travel influencers and working visa holders, it’s no surprise that these places are gaining ground on their American counterparts for both holiday goers and people looking for that working visa. Chances are that most of us actually know someone living in Canada these days who’ll be able to agree with the following reasons why it can be such a great place to visit and an even harder place to leave.

Image of Toronto at night. Toronto is the biggest city in Canada

The People: 

A place is really only as good as the people who inhabit it and Canada is known for having a massively welcoming and friendly population.They’re also notoriously polite and mannerly with a sometimes irritating habit of over apologising and queuing patiently. Canada is also home to some of the world greatest and most loved entertainers. Jim Carrey, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling and everyone’s favourite singers like Justin Bieber  Micheal Bublé are from this beautiful and multi talented country.

The Weather: 

Unlike Ireland or the UK, Canada experiences genuine seasonal weather. This means you won’t have to spend your days preparing for all seasons at once. Yes the weather can be extremely cold in the winter months, but this provides real snowfall meaning there’s plenty of fun to be had in world class ski resorts like Whistler (north of Vancouver). The summers aren’t too shabby either as they can be filled with days by the pool, at the beach or camping by one of their many beautiful lakes in temperatures ranging between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Image of a squirrel on a branch during spring. Canada experiences a diverse four seasons every year

The Stunning Nature:

Being the second largest country in the world, Canada is bound to have a wealth of stunning and diverse nature on offer. With the drastic changes between the seasons, whatever time of the year you visit you’re guaranteed to see plenty of natural beauty. With National parks like Banff rivaling the famous parks in the US, outdoor adventures are a big part of Canadians lives. Whether you’re after frozen lakes in the depths of winter or sun kissed mountain trails in the Spring, you’ll find them in the vast Canadian countryside.

Image of a lake with snowcapped mountains in the background. Canada is home to some of the most beautiful scenery on earth

The Culture:

Canadians have a mixed heritage that is steeped in French, Native Indigenous and British roots. Regions like Quebec speak French as their first language while many northern parts of the country are home to native indigenous tribes who have their own native languages and cultures. This gives many of the places you may visit distinct names from these dialects. The countries national sport is Ice Hockey. Their internal league and national team games draw massive crowds and witnessing the spectacle is something you simply have to do during any trip to Canada.

Image of Ice Hockey players wrestling for control of a puck. Ice Hockey is the national game of Canada


With such a diverse background of influences making up Canadian culture, this has no doubt had an impact on their food. The maple leaf is the focus of the Canadian flag and so Maple Syrup is a common staple. Starting a morning drizzling some syrup on a stack of pancakes is a common part of many Canadians breakfast routine. It gets even better though on the food front as one of the countries best known dishes is called Poutine. It involves a plate of thick chips smothered in even thicker cheese before being doused in gravy. This calorific dish is a “go to” staple for many after a heavy night best accompanied by a “Bloody Mary” style cocktail called a Caesar. Speaking of nights out, cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal all have a massive array of different club and bar scenes that you can explore while you’re there.

Image of a serving of Poutine. Poutine is one of the national dishes of Canada


This helpful guide from TripSavvy will give you an idea of the daily costs involved while on holiday in Canada. Keep in mind also that similarly to the US, the tax for items is added on at the point of sale. This can be one of the most frustrating parts about holidaying or living in Canada and takes some getting used to. However, on the whole major cities in Canada are still slightly cheaper than equivalent cities in America and with a strong euro rate on the Canadian dollar, once you convert your money, it will get you farther.


One of the main reasons why people love Canada, is the amount of opportunities the country has to offer people. Whether for a range of unforgettable holidays or for an extended working Visa, Canada has so much appeal. The Canadian government offers over 10,000 2 year visas to Irish citizens each year enticing them to make the move. This makes it a great alternative to the more restricted and harder to obtain US working visas. With Canada being one of the worlds fastest growing economies, both skilled and unskilled jobs are well within the reach of visa holders. For more information on the application process for visas, you can go through an Irish based agent or apply on the Canadian Immigration website. 

Image of a group working on a project together. Jobs and opportunities are one of the main reasons why people get a working Visa to Canada

If you’re planning a holiday to Canada this year, make sure you have your Travel Insurance covered with If you or a friend are planning on obtaining a working visa, we also offer backpacker policies that comply with all Canadian Immigration requirements. For more news, updates and offers, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.