Choosing the perfect hotel is hard. Here’s the steps to make sure you get the best one.

One of the most important factors of a holiday is where you are staying.  Many holiday goers require the basics to enjoy their time away, a bed, a shower and a toilet. Others like a little more bang for their buck. The key is research. Here is everything we think you need to research before choosing the perfect hotel.

1. Distance to city centre/beach etc.

No point in staying somewhere cheap if you’re going to spend a lot on getting to the tourist hot spots. Like we said in our top 10 holiday planning mistakes post, use Google Maps to determine if you are within decent walking/driving distance of where you will be frequenting.

2. Nearby Shops

We’re not talking about a huge Tesco or anything. A simple convenience store for you to pick up water/magazine/sandwich fillings is a must on holiday. Ask around forums such as tripadvisor if anyone had trouble picking up supplies?

3. Parking

If you intend on driving on holiday, then you will already be paying for a rented car and (we should hope) car hire excess insurance. Check out if the hotel you’re looking at charges a lot for parking. You don’t want to end your holiday with a surprise hefty bill.

4. Extra fees

Again forums can be a life saver for this. Check through the comments and reviews for anyone who was caught off guard by little charges for extra amenities. If you can’t find anything, don’t be afraid to ask!

5. Onsite facilities

This will depend on your circumstances entirely. Travelling with children? You better hope there is a shallow pool and playground. You may want a restaurant, or you may be looking for other offerings, such as a spa or a golf course.

6. Bus/Train routes

Not everything is going to be within walking distance. Best make sure that there’s a decent bus/train route to all of the places you wish to go. Be sure to check if these buses/trains come regularly also.

7. Elevator

This is easily overlooked. Research if your hotel has an elevator that works. When you get your keys for floor 16 and you realise there’s no lift, you’ll wish you did.

8. Wi-Fi

In this day and age it can almost be expected at any hotel. Make sure to ask around that it’s good Wi-Fi. There’s nothing more rage inducing than trying to check your emails for 10 minutes.

9. Safe

This is a no brainer. Always make sure they have a safe available.

10. Noise

Do rooms come with good soundproofing? Will you hear the sweet old lady from reception snoring next door? Always research if past patrons had a good night’s sleep. If you are travelling with children, you will want to stay away from the part of town with the busiest nightlife.

You are now ready to start choosing the perfect hotel! Remember, Travel Insurance can cover you for Baggage, Cancellation or Curtailment and Medical Expenses. Log onto today for a quote.