commoBenidorm is a popular place for sun seekers as is Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Yet these are just three of the place that we spell wrong when we turn to Google to research them.

We might know where we want to go on holiday but that doesn’t mean we necessarily know how to spell it. Adults seeking to book holidays in popular destinations such as Lanzarote or Reykavik are baffled with misspellings such as Lanzorate and Rekavik. Google shows that, when analysed, the keyword searches for popular holiday destinations are often spelt incorrectly.

Trending destinations, Iceland and Croatia that have seen a recent surge in visitor arrivals, as a result of Game of Thrones success and fandom, are also commonly misspelled, with people searching for Crotia and Rekjavik, not Croatia and Reykjavik.

Even popular sun, sea and sand destinations are also misspelled. That includes Benidorm where the popular ITV series of the same name has done little to help many remember the correct spelling, with many still searching for Benedorm.

Top 10 Common Misspellings For Holiday Destinations
Benidorm (not Benedorm)
Fuerteventura (not Forteventura)
Lanzarote (not Lanzorate)
Cape Verde (not Cape Verdi)
Marrakech (not Marrakesh)
Croatia (not Crotia)
Egypt (not Eygpt)
Madeira (not Madira)
Bulgaria (not Bulgeria)
Reykjavik (not Rekavik)

It is interesting to see destinations such as Fuerteventura, Benidorm and Lanzarote in the list, as these locations have been popular with customers for years.
It must be down to typing errors or by spelling the places phonetically, but it appears that misspelling both new and familiar destinations is a problem.

Can you spell all your favourite destinations?

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