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Private Medical Insurance Discount

This policy offers significant discounts on our Annual Multi Trip and Single Trip policies for Insured Persons who have Private Health Insurance with inpatient medical cover abroad with a minimum of €55,000. We provide the same benefits as our standard travel insurance policy, except the policy recognises that your Private Health Insurance covers you for inpatient Medical Expenses abroad, up to the limit in your Private Health Insurance policy. The policy will top up that amount to the medical expenses limit in our policy allowing you to save money on travel insurance premiums without sacrificing cover.

The Private Health Insurance plans below provide cover for emergency inpatient medical costs overseas, up to the individual policy limits. Inpatient medical expenses cover will commence when you have reached the medical expenses limit on your private health insurance plan. Outpatient Medical Expenses costs are covered by this travel insurance policy and are subject to the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy.

Laya assure vitality
Laya Control 450
Laya Health Manager First Plan
Aviva Health
Laya advantage 125 choice
Laya advantage 240
Laya Advantage 250
Laya Advantage 250 Explorer
Laya Advantage 250 Plus
Laya Advantage 500
Laya Advantage 500 Choice
Laya Advantage 500 Explorer
Laya Advantage 500 Plus
Laya Assure Health
Laya Central Connect
Laya Citi Connect Choice
Laya Company Care Gold
Laya Connect Care
Laya Connect Care 150
Laya Connect Choice
Laya Connect Choice 500
Laya Connect Choice Plan
Laya Control 150 Secure
Laya Control 600 Secure
Laya Essential Care
Laya Essential Care 100
Laya Essential Connect Saver
Laya Essential Value
Laya Essential Value 500
Laya Flex 125 Choice
Laya Flex 125 Explorer
Laya Flex 125 Plus
Laya Flex 250 choice
Laya Flex 250 Explore
Laya Flex 250 Plus
Laya Flex 500
Laya Flex 500 Explore
Laya Future Protect
Laya Future Protect Choice
Laya Health Family Care
Laya Health Manager Starter
Laya Health Secure Plus
Laya Healthcare Control 600 Total
Laya Healthcare Advantage 250 Explore
laya precision 150 connect
Laya Precision 300 Total
Laya Precision 600 Create
Laya Simply Health Choice
Laya SImply Health Plus
Laya Total Health Complete
Laya Total Health Extra
Laya Total Health No Excess
Layla Flex 250 Explore
VHI 1.10
VHI Company Plan Extra L2 XS
VHI Company Plan Extra Level 1
VHI company plan extra select
VHI Company Plan Plus Level 1
VHI Company Plus Select
VHI Family Plan Plus Level 1
VHI Healthcare Group Scheme
VHI International Level 1
VHI One Plan 500
VHI One Plan Family
VHI One Plan Plus 150
VHI Parents and Kids Xs Plan
VHI PMI 0111
VHI PMI 2411
VHI PMI 2812
VHI PMI 2912
VHI PMI 3513
VHI PMI 3613
VHI Teachers Plan Select
Laya Advantage 125 Explorer
Laya Advantage 175 explorer
Laya Advantage 250 Choice
Laya Aspire
Laya Assure First health cover
Laya Assure Ideal
Laya Assure Vitality
Laya Company Care
Laya Company Care Choice
Laya Company Care Excess
Laya Company Care No Excess
Laya Company Care Plus
Laya Company Care Plus plan
Laya Company Care Premium
Laya Company Care Premium Excess
Laya Company choice
Laya Company Health
Laya Company Health Plus
Laya Company health Plus No Excess
Laya Company Plan Gold
Laya CompanyCare Choice
Laya Complete Care
Laya Complete Simplicity
Laya Connect Care 100
Laya Control 150
Laya Control 150 Connect
Laya Control 150 Create
Laya Control 150 Secure
Laya Control 150 Total
Laya Control 300 Create
Laya Control 300 Create
Laya Control 600 Create
Laya Credit Union Family
Laya Credit Union Plan
Laya Credit Union Starter
Laya Empower 150 Secure
Laya Empower Secure
Laya Essential
Laya Essential Assist
Laya Essential Choice
Laya Essential Complete
Laya Essential Connect
Laya Essential Connect Family
Laya Essential First
Laya Essential Health
Laya Essential Health 300
Laya Essential Plus
Laya Essential Plus Excess
Laya Essential Plus No Excess cover
Laya Essential Plus Starter
Laya Essential Select
Laya Essentials secure
Laya Family Care
Laya Flex 175 Choice
Laya Flex 175 Explore
Laya Flex 375 Explore
Laya Flex 500 Choice
Laya Flex 500 Explore
Laya Flex 500 Plus
Laya Future Protect
Laya Gold
Laya Health Care
Laya Health Flex 175
Laya Health Flex 175 plus
Laya Health Manager
Laya Health Sense
LAYA Health Sense Excess
Laya Health Smart
Laya Health Smart Family
laya Health Start Manager
Laya Health Wise Plan
Laya Health Wise Plus
Laya Healthcare Advantage 125
Laya Healthcare Advantage 125 Choice
Laya Healthcare Company Plan Gold
Laya Healthwise Plus
Laya Healthwise Plus No Excess
Laya Ideal Simplicity
Laya Personal Care
Laya Precision 150 Create
Laya Precision 300 Connect
Laya Precision 300 Create
Laya Precision 300 Total
Laya Precision 450 Connect
Laya Precision 600 Connect
Laya Precision 600 Total
Laya Simplicity
Laya Simply Connect
Laya Simply Connect Plus
Laya Simply Health (Excess)
Laya Simply Health Connect
Laya Simply Health Excess
Laya Simply Health Starter
Laya Simplyhealth Excess
Laya Simpy Health Excess
Laya Teacher Plus
Laya Total Health Choice
Laya Total Health Complete 175
Laya Total Health Plus
Laya Total Health Select
VHI Company Plan PMI 3513
VHI B Options
VHI Company Extra Select
VHI Company Plan
VHI Company Plan 1511
VHI Company Plan Executive
VHI Company Plan Extra
VHI Company Plan Extra (Excess)
VHI Company Plan Extra Excess
VHI Company Plan Extra Level 2
VHI Company Plan Extra Level 3
VHI Company Plan Plus
VHI Company Plan Plus Level 1.2
VHI Company Plan Plus Level 1.3
VHI Company Plan Plus Level 1.3
VHI Company Plan Plus Level 2
VHI Company Plan Plus Select
VHI Company Plan PMI 1011
VHI Company Plan Starter
VHI Corporate Plan
VHI Corporate Plan PMI 14416
VHI Corporate Plan Select Plus
VHI Family Plan
VHI Family Plan Plus
VHI Family Plan Plus
VHI First Plan
VHI First Plan Plus
VHI First Plan Plus Level 1
VHI First Plan Plus Level 2
VHI First Plan Select
VHI Forward Plan
VHI Global
VHI Health Access
VHI Health Care Starter Plan
VHI Health plus access
VHI Health Plus Choice
Vhi Health Plus Excess
VHI Health Plus Extra
VHI Health Plus Platinum
VHI Health Plus Premium
VHI Health Plus Premium Plan
VHI Healthplus Choice
VHI HealthPlus Extra
VHI Healthplus Platinum
VHI Healthplus Premium
VHI Hospital Plan
VHI Nurses Plan
VHI Nurses Plan Select
VHI One Plan
VHI One Plan 150
VHI One Plan 250
VHI One Plan Access
VHI One Plan Access Plus
VHI One Plan Choice
VHI One Plan Complete
VHI One plan extra
VHI One Plan Plus
VHI One Plan Sport
VHI One Plan Starter
VHI One Plan Starter Day to Day
VHI One Plus Plan
VHI Parents and Kids Plan
VHI Parents Kids Plan
VHI plan - PMI 1911
VHI Plan 250
VHI Plan A
VHI Plan A Options
VHI Plan B
VHI Plan B Excess
VHI Plan B Options
VHI Plan C
VHI Plan C  Options
VHI Plan C Options
VHI Plan D
VHI Plan D Options
VHI Plan E
VHI Plan E Options
VHI Plan PM I1711
VHI PMI 0211
VHI PMI 0511
VHI PMI 07/11
VHI PMI 08 11
VHI PMI 10/11
VHI PMI 11 11
VHI PMI 1211
VHI PMI 1411
VHI PMI 1511
VHI PMI 1611
VHI PMI 1811
VHI PMI 19/11
VHI PMI 2111
VHI PMI 2211
VHI PMI 2311
VHI PMI 2511
VHI PMI 2611
VHI PMI 2611
VHI PMI 2611
VHI PMI 2612
VHI PMI 2612
VHI PMI 3112
VHI PMI 3212
VHI PMI 3713
VHI PMI 3814
VHI PMI 3914
VHI PMI 40 15
VHI PMI 41 15
VHI PMI 42 15
VHI PMI 4215
VHI PMI 43 16
VHI PMI 44 16
VHI Start Plan
VHI Teacher Affinity plan
VHI Teachers Plan
VHI Well One
VHI Well plus one plan

You should check out details of your Private Medical Insurance - here are links to the current providers of this cover:-